FAQ: t2mauritius

# How to enter Mauritius?


Air Mauritius is the home carrier and operates a network of routes to the local islands and to international destinations in Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

# Do the travelers need the travel permits to visit Mauritius?


The nationals of many countries, including most Western countries do not need a visa in advance.

# Can anyone travel in Mauritius by bus, if he/she can’t afford the car?


Fairly good and numerous bus services ply the island. Taking the bus is the most economical way of travelling. Air-conditioned buses have been recently introduced on some routes.


# What is the commonly spoken language in Mauritius?


Though English is the official language, French is more commonly spoken along with Creola which is a language derived from French.



# What to pack for Mauritius tours?


Sunglasses, sun lotions,light cotton clothes and first aid medical needs.


# Can anyone drive during my stay in Mauritius?


Yes, you can provided you have a valid driving license from a competent authority ffrom your espective countries. However, do remember driving is left hand sided in the country.


# What is the weather like in Mauritius?


The weather oscillates between 22 degrees in Winter to 34 degrees in summer. Tropical, modified by southeast trade winds; warm, dry winter (May to November); hot, wet, humid summer (November to May). However, the northern and western regions of the country are warmer and drier than the southern and eastern regions of the country.


# What are the commonly practiced shopping hours?


Normally, shops are open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. However, many shops are open during Public holidays as well as Sundays too.


# What is the best timing for Mauritius tours?


Generally speaking, the period from April to October is the best timing. However, traveling in a winter tour can still be pleasant because of saving your tour budgets and avoiding the tourist crowds.


# What medical preparations the travelers need to make before Mauritius tours?


Mauritius is a risk area for infection with dengue fever (also known as "breakbone fever" from the muscular paroxysms sometimes induced). No vaccine is available. However no cases of dengue fever have been recorded in the country for several years now.


# What are the norms if I contact with the Mauritiusans?


The Mauritians all get on well together and respect each others traditions and way of life religions and customs.


# What should I keep in mind when I contact with the Mauritiusans?

Always remember:

  • Do not photo them without permission, please show respect to them !
  • Do not talk about the sensitive topics like political or t religious matters! 


# How much should I tip?


Generally 8-10% on the bill.However, as the tourism develops, tour guides, drivers, and hotel staff do expect tips. If the service is satisfactory, a few dollars to the guide and the driver will be appreciated.


# Do the travelers need to ask the permissions before taking the photos of Mauritiusans?


It is always good to ask permission first. Mauritiusans are very friendly. However, it might arouse the upset feelings of local Mauritiusans by photo-taking without asking the permission first.



# What are the commonly used phone numbers for emergency in Mauritius?


The following phone calls can be directly made from any other telephones in Mauritius once the emergency happens. For anything concerning Police, fire and medical, call 999.



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